Accept nature as your companion before it is too late.

Nature yields, destroys and heals;

Man will have to bow to her;

The harbingers of man’s future.

*** Why do we harm nature when she gives us everything that we need? We care for our animals but we don’t do that to our mother nature.

Is it because animals can express their emotions and communicate with us which plants and trees cannot? But have you ever felt this that both animals and plants are living organisms! Both suffer when they are hurt.

Humans have been gifted with conscience. So, make use of it. Nature is ours, our second home. She never harms us unless she is left with no choice.

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‘Dreams’ is magic. Your eyes make you see things which also vanishes before your very eyes. Isn’t it then magic?

Dreams often come to you when you are asleep.

Dreams form when you wish to see them.

Also they come to you when you are unaware of its coming.

At times imaginations can result in dreams too.

Your subconscious mind enables you to dream.

So what are dreams basically?

We close our eyes to sleep and wake up with dreams that we have dreamt of the last night.

Have you ever thought about where do they come from, where does it originate or how do they form?

We don’t really intend to sleep to dream, but then how do we end up dreaming!

If there is a reason behind everything that the Almighty has created,

What is the reason behind ‘our dreams’…

Are dreams symbolic of our life’s happenings – past, present and future?

Do dreams send us some kind of message, warning, hope or guidance to lead our real lives?

If our minds are made to think and if they are capable of thinking beyond the limits,

We should not stop ourselves from doing it!

What drives me curious is not ‘what do dreams interpret’ but ‘what is the importance of dreams in our lives’…

Tonight, let’s dream of a dream never dreamt of!

And the next morning if by chance, you happen to remember or recall it,

Ask yourself where did they form from.

And if you fail to recall anything,

Ask yourself where did your dream go…?

*** Thinking, wanting and feeling the urge to dig into something that’s not easily explainable is in itself a big challenge to us. Many remarkable men like Mohammad Ibn Sirin, Sigmund Freud and others have written pages, articles and books on ways of interpreting our dreams. Also many have defined it and described its nature in myriad ways. It has also been studied, analyzed and discussed several times from a scientific, philosophical and religious standpoint.

But you will rarely find someone who have actually delved into the study of the importance of dreams in our lives. Do dreams actually have any importance in our life? If Yes, what is the importance. And if No, then why do dreams exist?

I have always been inquisitive about ‘dreams’ – its importance, where do they disappear, and what purpose does it hold in itself. I am sure there are others too whose minds have pondered and questioned like me. Do cooperate and share your views on it.

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This Is Me

The Nature is ever ready to showcase her beauty. All we need is to wake our minds, enliven our senses, open our hearts and submit ourselves to her.

I wish to sit near a riverside,

And watch the ripples in the water.

I wish to explore the deep woods,

And inhale the foggy breeze.

I wish to sit amidst the paddy fields,

And celebrate the countryside’s hue.

I wish to spend time in total solitude,

And lose myself in Nature’s lust.

I wish to lie on the soft grass,

And observe the moonlit night.

I wish to belong to a community,

Where I am an anonymous being;

A wanderer from no man’s land.

*** Being with Nature is a breathtaking feeling in itself. But Nature should not just be felt, but celebrated too! Nature finds me more than I find her. Weaving imaginations in my mind space by travelling to places and enjoying the beauty that Mother Nature holds might seem odd or obscure to some. But I feel, our mind space is the strongest part of our conscience! Our mind space can mentally carry us to unknown destinations, incredible places, to the stars and the skies, to different worlds at a tandem.

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Story Of A Mad Man

Let’s be humans first!

Have you seen him walking the busy streets sans a purpose?

Have you noticed him talking to himself, most often in a loud tone?

He looks quite shabby who covers himself with either oversized, torn or inadequate clothes.

Long locks of untidy hair partially covers his face.

His charcoal colored nails hint his unhygienic living…

Has anyone ever known what is he up to or what is his identity?

People hardly stop to offer him help or ask his whereabouts.

Whom does he talk to?

What troubles him?

Does he too has a family like we do?

What had made him the one he is today or was he a different person some years back?

I believe he was all good and that he wasn’t like this before!

He too has got a story like any of us but his must be not so common.

Perhaps an untold story of bitter truth which was neglected, crushed and ignored…

None tried to help him retain his memory when he was on the verge of insanity!

His is a story like no other;

A story of a mad man…

*** It aches my heart to see the plight of an insane person. He talks to himself because he is mad and also because no one else talks to him. We consider ourselves responsible and show humanity to the street dogs and the cats by bringing them home and giving them shelter but what about the street man? Don’t he deserve the same treatment from us? Is it just enough to show our sympathy and not act responsibly towards him?

It’s time we ask ourselves this question -“What is our role as humans here?”

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When Darkness Falls…

Darkness is a mystery and so is the night. And who knows, if this mystery unfolds during the deepest part of the night, when the two-legged creatures are asleep; completely unaware of the world that breathes in total darkness, unlike anything else.

When darkness falls,

The nocturnal world awakens.

Owls and bats,

Wolves and spirits…

All roam in the dark !

Wolves howl while the spirits haunt.

The darkness is a mystery!

And so is the unseen world of the spirits.

Suddenly the starlit sky

Changes its hue.

And dawn creeps in…

A new day has begun.

But the dark world still resides…

Veiled temporarily by the daylight.

*** Have you ever imagined or questioned the darkness? Have you ever tried to seek what lies in the dark? When humans shelter themselves in the comfort of their homes and eventually go to a deep sleep, what does the night do in total solitude? Is there a different world that we humans are not aware of? What actually exists in the darkness? It’s really an amazing feeling to experience such imaginations. It makes me wonder and my mind roams seeking answers and explanations, that hardly anyone has ever given. True goes Mandy Hale’s quote “…When nothing is certain, anything is possible.”

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Why Do You Feel The Way You Feel…


You feel low, bitter and unwanted.

Your mind becomes idle and you go numb.

Socializing gets difficult for you

As you love being alone and aloof.

You start loving your corner; celebrating loneliness,

You curse yourself, make yourself unworthy of everything you actually deserve.

You let out a heavy sigh and fix fake smiles.

But you know not that your eyes speak your story…

No matter how hard you try

To unhurt your dear ones, make them unsee your sorrows or unfeel you!

At times you want to give up, end your life or lose hope.

You know not what’s happening to you as you undergo absolute emptiness…

Amidst all these chaos, your instinct says you are depressed!

But you can’t get yourself out of it.

Because it’s depression; the strongest devil of your mind.

Who keeps pulling you down, draining all your positive energies and breaking you inside out.

Some days you are strong, some days you are down.

But O’ Almighty! Show us the right path to be in, guide us, lead us through light,

Console and comfort us and build us stronger than the devils!

There is no greater energy than The All Knowing, The Almighty!

Let’s all surrender to Him, our savior.

*** Failures, heartbreaks, loss, rejection and sadness often makes us unhappy and when these activities are repeated and prolonged, we start feeling depressed. We love being in our company, discarding every possible social touch. Even being with our family and near ones cause us suffocation during these times. Nothing seem to matter us except our emotions. Depression is a trap, a storehouse of negativity and our worst enemy. We all fall a prey to it at some point in our lives or during many instances in this lifetime. All we need to do is to get out of it and that can be done by summoning God; who shall protect us from all worries.


  • What is your version or concept of ‘depression’ ? Would you like to share with me?
  • What boosts you to come out of it?

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The Night Sky

Yeah , you ought to know that,

The night sky is your best storyteller!

The noise of silence ;

Your best lullaby!

And the winking and blinking

Of the beautiful stars ;

Your best dream!

*** The vast sky will never leave you alone and a night sky is your best company. Lie on the soft grass, open your heart to the beautiful dreams calling you and keep gazing at the stars. Time spent with the stars is worth it. Not a second would go wasted!

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Some roads will lead you nowhere,

And you know that.

Some roads never has an ending,

And you know that.

Some roads are hard to cross, difficult to travel,

And you know that.

But you still travel through all…

Not because it’s your choice.

But because it’s God’s choice.

In the end…you learn!

So do not regret.

*** You are often made to travel through different roads in your life. Some might be hard to cross, some might have no ending and some might lead you nowhere. And you still travel through all despite knowing where it will lead you to. We often blame others, hurt ourselves and also at times blame ourselves for all that has happened with us. But no one is to be blamed here for. We meet people or people meet us for some definite reason which we remain unaware of and through which God wants us to learn something. When we loose something or end up with someone, it’s then that this true realization about God’s plan strike us and we understand. So never regret even if you have lost someone or something you have failed to fix. It’s all God’s plan!

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Come home, O’ Winter!

You are longed for in many unknown ways.

The relentless rains over night and all day,

Whispers me that you are near and happy.

Winter rains are rains like no other,

For you bring not only you

But a bunch of memories along with…

Dear Winter, your vibes feels awesome!

You rejuvenate me, you purify me,

You give birth to a new life in me.

And with you I can’t be unbusy.

You are such a blessing.

A ravishing beauty!

*** Winters are dear to almost everyone, I guess. It’s my favorite season in a year. Winter brings new hopes, dreams, and also brings back to life past memories worth cherishing. Winter is that time of the year which people love to accompany. Every season has got its own beauty and so does this. But what is uncommon about winter is that it touches us with beautiful wintry vibes such as the soft winter rains, warm clothes, furry blankets, sitting by the fireside, foggy mornings, mist in the window panes, frozen hands, chilled wintry evenings, dew touched leaves and flowers and what not. Isn’t winter awesome?

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What More Can You Ask For!












Soul friends!

Well – wishers.



When you have got everything you need,

What more can you ask for!

*** In a quest for achieving what we don’t have, we often forget to value what we already have. The Almighty gives us that which we ‘need’ and not what we ‘want’. And if we already have a lot of things which others may not have, then it’s a pure blessing! We should always try to be grateful to Him for all that He has gifted us with. It’s quite obvious on our part to crave for more always. But we should still try our best to realize our blessings. Self-realization is the key to gratitude.

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