What Makes Me Write?

My Story – How I became a poet.


The first time I penned my feelings down,

Was when I started expressing my grief

Over those hard times of 2015-2016,

When my father was bed ridden;

Attacked by a rare neuro disorder.

We did all we could do,

And our only hope was to pray for him.

The journey of my pen started.

But little did I knew;

It would take the shape of poetry one fine day!

I strted composing poems, one after the other.

I was so raw a writer then.

My pen wasn’t sure what to write and how to.

I failed innumerable times…

Still the pen kept on bleeding,

Because I had so much to feel and write.

I wasn’t aware of the truth about myself,

That ‘poetry’ is my most intense passion,

And the only thing I would ever live for!

I was then, ignorant of the fact, that I need to write.

From Heaven to Earth,

Every person is descended with a purpose.

And my purpose is to write!

I write that I feel, see and experience.

The words are nothing but a pure representation

Of the real life happenings.

‘November 13, 2015’ is remarkable for me;

A date, a day, a month and a year,

Of my first published poetry, titled ‘Humanity’.

Ever since that start, I have been writing,

Sans a pause or a quit.

And my pen will stop to bleed,

The day when,

My breath will stop to breathe…

*** I never knew poetry would be my most intense passion ever. It is the sole thing, I live for! And, most surprisingly, the very first time I started penning my emotions down was the time when my father was daignosed with a rare neuro disorder called ‘Myasthenia Gravis’ in the year 2015.

*** I just expressed that I felt and didn’t think the least about what my sentences looked like, whether it was grammatically correct or not or if all that I was writing really made any sense or not. It was a tough time for my family and it’s my pen that eventually relieved me of my depressed state. I really am thankful to Almighty for blessing me with such a beautiful gift. I lost my father in the year 2016 but I am so proud to be his daughter.

*** No matter what, I feel, my father’s blessings for me have met me in the times when he was in his sick bed. I pray for his soul to be in eternal peace in the company of the good souls and comforted in God’s bosom.

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My Second Home

Let me be nature’s wild child…

Just a wish in my eye,

The day I am going to

Bid you a forever goodbye.

Rest me upon the lap of Mother Nature,

And not confine me in boxes,

And give yourself a reason to cry.

Nature is my second home,

So let her take care of me.

I will be happy with the trees

The water and the sky.

Surrender me to Nature’s bounty.

Surrender me to Nature’s cry!

🍃Nature has its own kingdom which is vast and beyond common human perception. It is powerful yet tolerant and every little thing is Nature is connected. Human beings are its integral part. It is Nature or the natural environment around us that takes care of a lifeless body to decompose. We all are mere dust particles and we return to our ultimate roots, sooner or later.

🍃Rather than confining me in boxes, I wish people lay me upon Nature’s own bed and let me be free. One or the other day, the body will soon decompose and merge with the surface of the earth. So, let Nature take care of me.

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What makes you feel also makes you write…

Celebrating nature through poetry.

Celebrating poetry through feelings.

Celebrating feelings through truth.

Celebratibg truth through pain.

Celebrating pain through the pen.

Of this world,

For this world,

Through this world…

*** Celebrating what we feel is the absolute peace to our hearts.

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A Thing Of Beauty Is A Joy Forever…

True love can withstand anything. Nothing can stop true love from pouring.

Fresh tender petals then,

Of shades of red.

The depth of love,

Is as deep as red.

Dried coarse petals now,

Of shades of red.

Who will love you,

With a dry rose or a two?

But let me tell you,

One thing that I feel is true,

Once a rose is forever a rose.

Once a beauty is forever a beauty.

Once a true love is always a true love.

Deep love never fades, never erased or never lost.

Instead, deeper it gets with time.

Just like the color of a dry rose!

Love can withstand time.

Love is a beauty.

And so does John Keats say,

‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever.”

*** True love knows no superiority, artificiality or complex feelings. It has so much strength in it that it can endure anything and can also even withstand time. And love is like a nostalgic memory, which gets deeper with time as it adds sweetness to an already existing emotion. Love is a beauty forever and in love should we keep growing and evolving…

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A Recognition Is All They Need…

Poets write poetries not for themselves but for you to read, appreciate, relate, heal and bring peace to your minds and souls. Don’t you then feel, they deserve some kind of recognition and a little love in return?

People love reading poetry,

Dedicate to their loved ones,

Or frame it for a wall art.

The songs play with its poetic lines,

Which people set their moods to,

And melt with it.

Nature can be best appreciated,

Through nothing but poetry…

A poet becomes the artist and his poetry; an art.

Where the spectators celebrate the art but rarely the artist.

Poets are human beings

Who gives this world a better cause,

To live, breathe, appreciate and admire the ordinary things…

They too crave for some love in return.

A recognition is all they need…

*** Make this world a beautiful place to live in by caring and feeling for others. Lending people their recognition in whatever way you can, makes our life simpler, easier and worth living !

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When I Am Gone…

Roots will keep on growing into branches and trees, buds will be giving birth to petals and flowers. This world is going to be all the same and it won’t cease to exist, even when I die !

Amidst the chaos of this busy world,

The soul leaves my body ; abrupt…

To roam in the distant wilderness,

As nothing but wild and free…

Of course my departure won’t bring

Any difference to this world.

But I am sure, yeah.

Some hearts shall remember me ;

Those hearts whom I have touched,

And have left my trace…

And ‘those hearts’ who knew,

That they have touched mine.

*** Men must come and men must go. And so is the law of this universe. But I wonder, when my body shall leave my soul someday, will it make a difference to this world? Will trees stop growing or will life cease to exist? Of course, not. But will my close ones grieve over me or make me a part of their prayers? I may be no one to this vast world but I am sure, I will leave my trace in those hearts that understood and loved me and who knew they have touched mine too…

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‘Perspective’ Makes All The Difference!

People’s perspectives differ. People’s perspectives matter. Because that is what shall make all the difference.

You may be stuck with a problem you cannot get yourself out from.

You might struggle to understand a situation in the best way possible.

Myriad thoughts might keep haunting you every now and then.

Or you may need to delve into self-realization for a while.

You will meet different kinds of people in your life.

You will taste different life experiences.

Life will hit you with innumerable trials…

You may make mistakes, break down several times, forget who you were once or lose your identity.

There are times or phases in our life where it seems as if we are left with no choice but to quit.

Sometimes we do quit, we give up and that is okay.

But giving up and not trying again is not okay.

It is important to fall, get up, dust ourselves and try again.

The only change that you need within is a change in your perspective…

The way you consider things, matter.

A right attitude towards life matters.

It will welcome you to a new train of positive thoughts…

And you will understand your life better.

*** Positive thinking brings positive things! It’s not possible to be positive always. Our minds think a lot of things, both right and wrong. So, we do fall a prey to the negative thoughts at times. But we can always try to stay positive, to have a sound mind and maintain that. Keeping a right perspective towards life and life’s circumstances can take us a long way in achieving what we need, wish and desire.

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Every new season welcomes mankind to celebrate and experience its beauty. Nature is forever abundant and inviting.

Birds come to welcome the spring;

Sympathizing the human race;

Too helpless to embrace nature.

*** Nature welcomes us with an open heart. Each season brings happiness along with. Men are so busy in their material world that they hardly find time and patience to embrace it. You don’t always need to travel to enjoy nature. If Nature’s on your mind, you can visit anytime. All you need is your mind space, enthusiasm, the will to seek beauty that nature holds and an open heart to accept all that nature offers. Men are so obsessed with themselves that they hardly consider nature as their gift. It seems as if the birds sympathize and pity men’s helpless state to show love to nature.

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My Bag of Memories

Live every moment of your life that comes your way. Live your life with the right attitude.

With my morning mug of tea,

As I sit to write poetry,

I am glad I am back,

With my pen and my words…

But I am not going to write on Nature today.

Nor about the blue skies, the sunshine,

The rains or about the wild.

Oh Yes! I am here to write about a journey.

A beautiful journey of three weeks in my life.

Hold on!

I have never run so short of words to pen my feelings down.

Unlike today; where I am actually at a loss as to

Where to start from and where to finish.

These three weeks have given me everything,

That I could have ever wished for!

With each passing day, I grew more as a human being.

I am a free soul who loves to sit on Nature’s lap, embrace its beauty

And be in my own shell!

But now I feel, it’s good to be a little confined at times.

It’s important to come out of your shell; your comfort zone.

Because that is how you shall find your ‘self’ – the only place

Where you should belong.

I thank you God!

Had you not make me meet these people at this point in my life,

I would have been still wandering what life truly holds.

A team of 12 are we, just like the 12 months in a year.

Each month is different and has different things to offer.

Just like each of us has so much to share.

Our one and only Eagle Mum,

Who understood and accepted me the way I am.

Describing her in words is something not possible,

For she fits well in our hearts more than in words and phrases.

Apart from everything else, the one thing she taught us –

Is how to live life with the right attitude.

She is a diamond – that shines the brightest and is rare to find.

She is not just a Marathon runner but an all-rounder too.

She values every second, carries out her duties,

Yet, she’s always on time.

You teach me the value of ‘time’.

I loved your umbrella, your Christmas toys, the banana shake and your mimes.

No matter whatever happens, you will smile and make others smile too.

You teach me ‘happiness’.

She is what her name holds.

Angelic by nature, soft-spoken, kind-hearted, loving and sincere.

Without a tint of doubt, you stand out.

You teach me ‘patience’.

You love travelling, teaching and you love chocolates…

Yes! You are strong-headed, funny and someone with a damn cool attitude.

You teach me to be ‘positive’.

The two beautiful sisters have left their trace in our hearts.

One with her love for WINTER, while the other with her unbreakable confidence.

One thing you both teach me in common is –

How to stay strong amidst the storm.

She is as beautiful as Kerala.

‘Kerala – God’s own country’- so does she say.

She always has her ‘Food Menu’ ready.

Damn! She  is such a fast thinker!

You teach me ‘beauty’.

Hey! The WARMER gal!

You are just so awesome.

I love your specs, the colour of your hair and the dresses that you wear.

A confident look, a strong mind, a bright smile.

That’s how you are!

You teach me ‘creativity’.

The classes would have been dull without your presence.

Yes! It’s true that you are the loudspeaker – the loudest of us.

But you teach me – “What is life if it’s not lived to your fullest?’’

Hey gentleman! Or I would rather say, Hey Magician!

You won the ladies’ hearts…

And got a direct ticket to Eagle Mum’s heart.

An easy going person who does not like being too serious in life,

And that’s what I have learnt from you.

You are the reason for our smile.

Now, as I am about to wind up my words,

Let me just pack my bag of memories

And set out on an errand

Of moments; worth cherishing…

*** Life is a beautiful learning experience. Every person has something to teach us and we can learn something or the other from every person that touches our life. What matters most is the attitude that we choose to carry in order to lead our lives. Only if your attitude is a right one, your life is going to treat you right. It’s very important to make mistakes, fall, break down or meet with failures in life because without it you will never learn and will never taste what success or happiness feels like. Therefore, life is a mixture of both the good times and the bad times and an amalgamation of it makes life worth living!

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Days when you feel low, broken, disheartened, unwanted and bitter…

Myraid thoughts,

A restless mind.

Deepest desires,

An empty life.

A longing so old,

Yet no sign of a change.

All that exists is a soul –

Solivagant, nemophilist, wild,

Pluviophile, nyctophilia, free,

Made not of flesh and blood but,

Of the stars and the sky,

Of the earth and the rain,

Of light and darkness,

Of mist, air, the sun and the moon

Of pent-up feelings, wantings, hopes…

*** Your past haunts you only as long as you choose to hold on to it. It ceases to trouble you once you let it go. But if you are living a troubled present and is not sure about yourself or what your life is about to bring and most of the times when your life is not on its track, both of your present and future becomes blurry. You loose focus and feel lost. Hope is the sole flame burning which keeps you going…

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